Friday, 8 October 2010

Tokyo Girls Collection A/W'10

Halo! Finally i've been able to catch up on the gyaru fashion and other things. Been so busy working haven't had time to sit down and relax.
Neway~ i know most people already seen the TGC A/W already but here's just some videos from the Tokyo Girls Collection.

Note: Its pretty lengthy post...oh and the ones i didn't comment means its not my style ミッフィー


I love:
#6 - skirt
#8 - bear coat
Hm..why do i feel disappointed in w♥c? I'm sure Chinatsu's did more better clothing line than these..or maybe its the 'indiana jones' styling made it meh~


I love:
#2 - the dress... *¬*
#6 - poncho coat

I love:
EVERYTHING!! I heart LIZLISA! きゃー Most fave is flower print poncho & all the boots あげ


I love:
#2 - waterfall cardi, pink foxtail
#4 - red & black combo, yuuki going nuts lol~
#5 - fur trim poncho
#7 - tartan red with pale colour coat, the whole redxwhite code Get
all the big hairs with big flower accessories Get

muse muse by ROYAL PARTY

I love:
#2 - goggles! Though i feel they should've roughed up the look to make it edgier
#3 - model rola in this whole outfit is , monster big earmuffs!
#4 - military hat with rose, bling necklace
#5 - greyxred code
#6 - lace gloves, tsu-chan!!


I love:
#3 - fur boots Get
#4 - statement necklace
#6 - leopard gloves
#7 - burgandy coloured dress against leopard, and her epic throws lol~


I love:
#2 - monster big scarf using a belt, making it look like coat/ poncho


I love:
All the headpieces and the use of pvc - pvc boots... *¬*



I love:
#2 - fur coat, rose print hat

AG by aquagirl


I love:
Everything!! Every single clothes & code like LIZ LISA but more mature styling i think. But don't like the way the last model just dragged the coat on the floor...えー

31 Sons de mode



I love:
All! surprisingly! The code of each outfit & each item were combined really nicely~ new fave brand LOVE


I love:
#2 - fur boots
#6 - big furry tote bag



I love:
#1 - leopard hat
#4 - white oversized jumper with nordic hotpants...♥!

Another Edition

I love:
#4 - poncho with fur trim hood
All of their bags were cute~



I love:
#last girl's jewerly & the drag queen lol~

Saturday, 5 June 2010

SG magazine

One of my new fave gyaru model is Nakamura Mika! ハート She's a model for SG magazine, though its magazine its not actually big as the gyaru mags like Egg or Popteen. I wish there's a mag that showcases all the gyaru's because there's so many gyaru's that a gorgeous and should be known!!

And i found some scans of the Shibuya Gal (SG) magazines!

so pretty~~ハート

Backstage of SG magazine: