Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas SPAM special: Kpop girls & Eoljjang

Merry Christmas!
Hope everyone had fun opening their presents and eating nice food?
As for me, well....if your asian then you know we don't celebrate christmas so today will be like any other normal day for me. Hence, i'm posting this because i'm bored lol ( ̄▽ ̄;)

Since its christmas i decided to give you guys another collection of picture spam of pretty beautiful girls as a "e-present"
But instead of spamming the usual gyaru pictures (which i love) i'm going to do show something different.

Eoljjang! or ulzzang, uljjang
Kpop girls!


WTF did you just say guuurl..? No gyaru?
Oooh ah..! ok hear me out! Lol

As much as i love gyaru i also admire korean girls, because their beauty is simple yet clean and shows the prettiness of natural beauty (regardless of plastic surgery).
I like taking inspo from lots of things that are beautiful and pretty, so hope you guys also do the same.

No -
please! lol ;)

Pictures under cut!

Monday, 28 March 2011

SPAM: black hair/ dark hair Gyaru

Hello my dears~ i have revived from my health!

So i compiled pics of gals with black hair/ dark hair to use as an inspiration for myself and other gals that might be looking towards having hair black~

Please click on the image for fullsize~ enjoy~

Sayoko Ozaki:

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Bambi coat is off to find its mama

Finally i have my deer print coat - or i like to call it bambi coat!!! banzai~~ 泣き1
I've been eyeing it up ever since i saw it on popsister and searched loooong and haaaard for it until i found them on rakuten! yay~~
There were few coat style for the bambi coat, so i chose this style as it was the cutest!

It so pretty! LOVE
The coat itself was about £30ish for me but the total cost came up to £90 or so because of the shipping & customs.
Not impressed....・・・ヤバイ
I think that will be the last time i buy imports from Japan

Bambi in action~

Edit: Had to also post this pic of me & Emmie cuz its so cute! Animal print luvvvvv~
Pics from Rei

That's all for now! I need to rest my health by watching Dream High! keke ^^