Monday, 28 March 2011

SPAM: black hair/ dark hair Gyaru

Hello my dears~ i have revived from my health!

So i compiled pics of gals with black hair/ dark hair to use as an inspiration for myself and other gals that might be looking towards having hair black~

Please click on the image for fullsize~ enjoy~

Sayoko Ozaki:

Fuck yeah sayoko! She's my inspo~ にこっ

Nonoko Iwata:

Rei Yasui:

Momoko Ogihara/ MURUA:

My hair is at this current ugly stage :||| ↓↓

Chinatsu Wakasuki/ WC:


Wei Son - she has black and blonde hair:

Yui Kanno:

Other gals that don't have catergory:


  1. Hahaha, I'm happy you are back to blogging and you are feeling better now, Kei <3 ^^ You're such a funny person!
    I had the same worries on black or not. I dyed my hair black a month ago or so, and I was pretty scared, cause my hair had never been so dark before, and I have tanned skin too, so I wasn't sure about the result.
    Finally? I loved it, probably cause my skin in here is flicking pale now lol (you must have seen me back in July, when I was darker tanned that you are). Anyway, my hair is too red in the inside because of so many dyings and the black faded easily to a reddish brown. It's still ok, but I think I'll try to darken it again.
    Anyway, Sayoko is SUCH an inspiration <3 and I actually had the same hair style that Nonoka has in those pictures haha
    So after writing such a Bible in here @_@ I hope you find yourself ok in black, take lots of care and hope I see you before I go back :)

  2. Looking at all these pictures makes me want dark hair lol!! I remember when I used to dye my hair black every 3 weeks and then I let it grow out and had weird colour hair for a while ;p you totally rocked dark hair when we first met and i know you can totally do it again! Go for it 'nee chan!!!

  3. I would bonk your girl still ^_^

  4. Thanks for the spam. I really do think the black hair makes the color clothes stand out more.
    And I am African American with Tan skin.. and i think I still look gal.. at least I hope i do ^^'

    I don't think its an unusual combo.. just not in trend i guess i could say?

    I think the perfect gal look is the overall package. Regardless of the combo. If you can do the hair, make up and have the outfit going on. Then your unmistakably GAL.

    but then again its just my opinion~ :)

  5. sayoko is so sexy rrrrr~ **

  6. sayoko and rei are so pretty and so is yui<3

  7. ★ seven ★: Thank you for your advice! I guess for tanned people black hair is the best? I looked at my past pics and i looked more paler when i have black hair than brown. Your red hair is TOO COOL! so jelly~

    Konchan~: OMG almost forgot that time when i had black hair! It was shite! haha~ haven't seen you with black hair, but i love your current hair so don't go black!

    Anon: I know you would :p I am free most days~

    Mie: That's true~ lately black hair seems to be coming into trend so hopefully more gals do it then i won't feel like a 'tard ;_;
    Mie you make so jelly cuz your far too good as gal!! *_*

    Rui: You are sexy too! :D

    Sell WoW Account: I know right! They are beautiful girls! :))

  8. Thanks for the inspiration! I think I want to go back to my natural dark hair <3

  9. To PLN: No problem! I'm glad they are inspiration for you ^_^

  10. thank u for this amazing post it's refreshing to see some dark haired gals and keeping my dark hair will be better for its health:)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad this helped you to go for dark hair! i wish i have the same motivation as you lol

    2. Your welcome :)
      You have a nice blog

  11. I know it's a late reply that Xiaxue in the first Lie picture?

  12. It is nice to see dark hair gyaru. I love the gyaru fashion but think I wont fit it with my black blue hair but keeping it blonde looks terrible on me =[