Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Bambi coat is off to find its mama

Finally i have my deer print coat - or i like to call it bambi coat!!! banzai~~ 泣き1
I've been eyeing it up ever since i saw it on popsister and searched loooong and haaaard for it until i found them on rakuten! yay~~
There were few coat style for the bambi coat, so i chose this style as it was the cutest!

It so pretty! LOVE
The coat itself was about £30ish for me but the total cost came up to £90 or so because of the shipping & customs.
Not impressed....・・・ヤバイ
I think that will be the last time i buy imports from Japan

Bambi in action~

Edit: Had to also post this pic of me & Emmie cuz its so cute! Animal print luvvvvv~
Pics from Rei

That's all for now! I need to rest my health by watching Dream High! keke ^^


  1. Bambi Kei XD Imma steal this off you while you watch Dream High haha. Hope you get better soon babe <3

  2. So adorable! I love it, and it suits your style so well :)

  3. OMG your jacket looks so warm and cute on you! I want to steal it from you! ^_____^

  4. @나니, thank you! :3

    @Emmie, nooo~ so mean! hehe but its ok cuz i'm too engrossed with 2pm guys!

    @Ingvild, thank you! I think it will also suit you too! maybe next time i see you, you can try it! XD

    @Emy, thank you~ actually its not very warm but its ok, i prefer to be fashionable than to be cold! lol~ ^^

    @Maria May, thank you ^^ you too equally as cute!!